June Garden

Here's what's going on in my June garden.

May and June traded places this year. May was dry and warm for the most part, and yet we couldn’t get our warm weather crops planted because we had occasional night-time freezing temperatures right up until the end of the month.

June has been on the cool side, especially the first half of the month, and has rained for at least a part of the day 4 or 5 days a week.

Neither month has made gardening easy. That’s not really different from any other year – they all have their challenges.

We live on about a quarter acre, and so we use all of our yard for gardening, including the front where we grow dwarf apple trees, raspberries, comfrey, squash, calendula, and spring bulbs.Continue Reading

Lacto-fermented Garlic Scapes

Fermenting scapes preserves them for later use, and adds probiotics to your diet. The fermented garlic scapes may used in any way that you would use them raw.

Are you in love with garlic scapes? Me, too! They are great oven-roasted or grilled, in tossed salad, potato salad, or you can even use them to make pesto.

For the uninitiated, scapes are the curly stalks that form a seed head and grow on hardneck garlic varieties. It’s a good idea to remove them to allow all the plant’s energy to form bulbs. Milder than garlic, they are a treat themselves.Continue Reading

Elderflower Fritters

If you're looking for a great treat from a foraged flower, try crispy, crunchy, elderflower fritters!

Come late August, we’ll be foraging elderberries to dehydrate for winter syrup to fight colds and flu, for pie and jelly, and for wine and liqueur.

If you’re looking for a good patch of elderberries, look for them while they are in bloom – they are so easy to spot as you drive down the road. For us in NE PA, that would be mid-June.

The flowers are edible, too, and they are so prolific, that there’s no need to worry that you’ll be reducing the number of berries available later on. There’s plenty, so enjoy them now . . . and later!Continue Reading

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Looking for a great way to enjoy those strawberries you've just picked? You'll love fresh strawberry pie!

Strawberry pickin’ time. Possibly the most wonderful time of the year. Well, next to blueberry picking time, that is.

We had a friend who had a tradition of making strawberry shortcake for dinner every year after picking strawberries. Oh yeah, we adopted that tradition without hesitation.Continue Reading

Learning and Yearning’s Top 10 Posts on Lacto-Fermentation


LearningAndYearning's top 10 posts on lacto-fermentation will get you started on your fermentation journey. You'll even learn how to make your own airlock!

Lacto-fermentation is a great way to add probiotics to your diet and to help improve your gut health. Once you start this journey, you’ll find that lots and lots of foods can be fermented from meats and dairy, to fruits and veggies.

Learning And Yearning’s Top 10 posts on lacto-fermentation focus on vegetables. The first post below is a great place to start if fermentation is new to you.Continue Reading

Crème Brûlée with Candied Bacon

Top Crème Brûlée with a crisp piece of bacon that has been candied with maple or hickory bark syrup and you'll think you died and went to heaven. For real.

I absolutely love crème brûlée ’cause, you know . . . cream.

And we have a source for the richest, thickest raw cream I’ve ever seen. It makes the best ice cream, quiche, and crème brûlée.

A few months ago, I visited a friend for the weekend, and we went to a great new farm-to-table restaurant in her area. Honestly, I don’t remember what I ordered. But guys, they were serving crème brûlée with candied bacon for dessert. I didn’t wait to hear what else was on the menu.

And, of course, I set out to make it for myself when I got home, and have made it every time we’ve had company since. And then some.Continue Reading