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Will Forage For Food

Will Forage For Food

Wild Greens Are Nutrient-Dense

I first fell in love with identifying wild plants as a teen. At that time, it was wildflowers that interested me. Over the years, I’ve become more interested in wild plants that I can forage for food. Delicious, nutrient-dense food.Continue Reading

Make Your Own Seed Tape

Make Your Own Seed Tape to make planting small seeds a breeze!

What is Seed Tape?

Seed tape is a great product for planting that has seeds embedded right into it. It’s perfect for planting tiny seeds like carrot that are difficult to space in the garden. The “tape” is made of bio-degradable paper which is planted directly into your garden. I love using seed tape, although it tends to be pricey. But you can make your own seed tape for a fraction of the cost of pre-made tape.Continue Reading

DIY Tallow Soap for Laundry

Make your own tallow soap for laundry.

What is Tallow

You’ve heard of lard, the rendered fat of pig, but what about tallow? Tallow is derived from the fat of cows or sheep, and is rendered much the same way as lard.

Why Use Tallow for Soap Making

We purchase grass-fed beef, and it’s important to us that nothing be wasted, including the fat. Tallow is wonderful for cooking, soap making, and skin care. We have found that most homemade soaps made from vegetable oils melt away rather quickly. But soap made from tallow is hard and lasts a long time. That’s important when you’re trying to be frugal in this natural living journey. Soap made with all coconut oil is also quite hard, but I prefer to use an ingredient that I’ve obtained locally when possible.Continue Reading