Make Your Own Tinted Lip Gloss


All natural alkanet root will impart a lovely ruby glow to your homemade tinted lip gloss. The recipe is simple!

Once in a while I get this urge to get my craft on. Ya’ know what I mean? But I don’t need cutesy stuff for my house, and I’m not so much into knitting and crocheting ’cause I ain’t no good at it. But making tinted lip gloss and hard lotion bars, yeah, that will do it for me.

More importantly, though, I like to make some of my own personal care items because I like knowing that I’m using quality ingredients on my skin.

So my lips need moisture once in a while, and my vanity likes a little color. This tinted lip gloss fits the bill. The powdered alkanet root imparts a ruby red color to the gloss, but on my lips, the color is subtle and quite beautiful. Just perfect for me.Continue Reading

Using Wood Chips in a Vegetable Garden

Wondering if using wood chips in your vegetable garden is a good idea? We'll discuss some pros and cons in this post.

Four or five years ago, we had to have a tree in our yard cut down. We asked the arborist to chip the smaller branches, and we used those chips to mulch the paths in our raised bed garden. A year later, we discovered the documentary, Back to Eden, about Paul Gautschi and his method of wood chip gardening.

We were intrigued, and as I looked at the paths in our garden I noticed that as the chips were decomposing, the soil was becoming black and gorgeous. We’ve been mulching our garden with hay, leaves, and grass clippings for many years, but thought that it might be worth experimenting with wood chips. We’ve had some amazing results, as well as some dismal failures. Here’s some of what we’ve learned.Continue Reading

How to Make Crabapple Jelly

Crabapple jelly is one of the easiest to make; no pectin is required because the crabapples themselves have plenty of their own!

Do you remember when, in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Farmer Boy, Almanzo’s parents went away for a week and left the children at home to look after the farm? Mother kept a barrel of store-bought sugar in the pantry which was to last the year. One of her instructions to them while she was away? Don’t eat all the sugar!Continue Reading

How to Grow a Pumpkin Pie

HOW TO GROW A PUMPKIN PIE: Ask a kindergartener if it's possible to grow to a pumpkin pie, and they'll likely answer a resounding yes, especially after reading to them from the Scholastic Reader, Grow a Pumpkin Pie.

Ask a kindergartener if it’s possible to grow to a pumpkin pie.

I LOVE this age. They are old enough to understand, and young enough to still be magical in their thinking. And while they get that a pie won’t grow in the garden, they’ll still likely answer a resounding yes to your question.

Especially after reading to them from the Scholastic Reader, Grow a Pumpkin Pie.Continue Reading