A Beautiful Christmas Story: “Why the Chimes Rang”

Why the Chimes Rang

One December, when my children were young, and I was having a difficult time physically, I spent a lot of time reading to them, because that was about all I could manage. We read Christmas stories all month and that’s when I discovered this treasure. I’ve reprinted Why the Chimes Rang in full for you to enjoy as you celebrate the birth of Christ! So cuddle up on the couch with your loved ones and worship the Christ Child with Pedro and Little Brother.Continue Reading

Real Food Russian Tea Cookies

Healthy cookies usually taste, well, healthy. Not these!!!! Make with REAL ingredients, these Russian Tea Cookies are THE BEST!

I might just love cookies as much as I love pie, and that’s saying a lot. But okay, let’s admit it. Healthy cookies taste, well, healthy. Not these babies! They are made with REAL, nutrient-dense ingredients, and they’re to die for. Crispy, buttery, scrumptious.Continue Reading

Ornaments from Nature – Pinecone Elf

Pinecone elf ornament@learningandyearningFor 36 years now, every year that I’ve been married, I’ve made an ornament to give to friends and family. I’m generally not creative enough to come up with one completely on my own, but am inspired by those I see in books or online. I’ve been seeing these cute little pinecone elves and that’s what I made this year. For the first time ever, my granddaughter helped me to make them. That has doubled the joy!

Have a blessed Christmas!

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The Best Fruitcake Ever

My mom always made the best fruitcake ever. No candied fruit and not sickeningly sweet. She would make 6 at a time. We would eat the stuff for breakfast, it was so wonderful. Mom is 87 now and not able to make the fruitcake anymore, but one of my sisters is carrying on the tradition. (Bless you!) The fruitcake has lots of dried fruit and nuts, but mom always used white flour and brown sugar. I wanted to see how it would turn out with sucanat and sprouted spelt flour. The results are great! Here’s the recipe my way – just keep in mind that it takes 3 – 4 weeks for the full flavor to develop.Continue Reading