How to Fillet a Fish

Do you know how to fillet a fish? If not, you'll find this tutorial super helpful!

One of Mike’s favorite things when we are at the lake is, of course, fishing. And one of my favorite things is eating fresh fish. We are blessed to be on a pristine lake and both the fishing and the eating are fantastic! Mike fillets all of the fish making it easy to cook, and easy to eat.Continue Reading

Cottage Living: How to Hang Clothes When You Don’t Have a Closet

I’ve shown you photos of our cottage in the past. It’s adorable, but there are no closets and really no room for an armoire anywhere. Hooks are ok, and we have plenty of them, but sometimes you just want to hang things on a hanger. So here’s our simple solution.

Cottage living: How to hang clothes when there's no closet. @learningandyearning

Mike located the stud in the wall, screwed in two heavy duty hooks, and strung chain between them. Easy peasy.

Are you lacking in closet space? How have you solved the problem?

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