Feeding Rufus: How We Transitioned to Raw Cat Food

Feeding Rufus: How We Transitioned to Raw Cat Food | LearningAndYearning

Rufus was in a cage for 8 months. Out of dozens of cats at the animal shelter, I knew he was the one for us the minute I saw him and without warning, I was crying. Sheesh. Why do I do that?

The transition to our home wasn’t the easiest one for him. He wanted to be friendly, but his fear held him back. All we know about his time before the cage was that he was a stray. All they could tell us about his age was “adult cat”.

At first all Rufus would eat was the junkiest food out there. Food with lots of fillers and grains. We hoped to feed him raw cat food, but we had to let him adjust to his new environment before we could take that step.Continue Reading

Can Farm-Life Boost Your Immunity?

Can farm life boost your immunity? It's an historically proven phenomena that persons who live closest to the cows are often the healthiest, and strongest of their society?The following article is written by Edwin Shank, a farmer from whom I just recently began buying raw milk. Edwin’s milk is from grass-fed Jersey cows, and if you’ve never had milk from a Jersey, you don’t know what you’re missing. There’s just so much more cream than the milk I had been getting which was from Holstein cows. Cream is where it’s at!!!!Continue Reading