Lacto-fermented Green Beans

Fermented green beans are tasty, still raw, and more nourishing after months in the refrigerator than the day they were harvested. Hard to beat that, isn't it?

August is such an amazing time in the garden. Barely a day goes by that I’m not able to harvest a nice basketful of fresh vegetables.

Green beans are no exception, and they really benefit from daily harvesting. If beans are left on the plant too long, the plant will think it’s time to produce seed and will stop producing the flowers that turn into crisp, delicious green beans.Continue Reading

Lacto-fermented Blueberries

Fermenting fruit is a little more challenging than fermenting vegetables. Because of its high sugar content, fruit ferments much more quickly than vegetables, and can quickly turn to alcohol. Using whey helps to steer fruit towards lacto-fermentation, rather than an alcohol ferment. In addition, a short fermentation period is used.

If I had to name one food that most reminds me of my childhood, it would have to be wild blueberries. Growing up, we spent every summer at a mountain lake, and that mountain was covered in blueberries.

We would run out to the yard in the morning to pick just enough berries for mom to use in blueberry pancakes. And blueberry pie and blueberry buckle were frequent desserts.

That mountain home is still in our family and blueberries are still a yearly treat. Continue Reading

Real Food ‘Copper Penny Carrots’ Salad

Recipes for Copper Penny Carrots have been around for years. This one has been redone without refined sugar, or canned soup. Real food you can enjoy without guilt!

A friend of mine gave me a recipe for Copper Penny Carrots years and years ago. It was something I made frequently when my kids were little.

I knew enough, even back then, to replace the refined sugar in the recipe with honey. What I failed to realize was that the canned condensed tomato soup called for in the recipe was not exactly real food.Continue Reading