Make Your Own Seed Tape

Make Your Own Seed Tape to make planting small seeds a breeze!

What is Seed Tape?

Seed tape is a great product for planting that has seeds embedded right into it. It’s perfect for planting tiny seeds like carrot that are difficult to space in the garden. The “tape” is made of bio-degradable paper which is planted directly into your garden. I love using seed tape, although it tends to be pricey. But you can make your own seed tape for a fraction of the cost of pre-made tape.Continue Reading

Give Your Plants a Head Start by Pre-Sprouting Seeds

Give Your Plants a Head Start by Pre-Sprouting Seeds

Pre-Sprouting Seeds

Northern gardeners are getting excited. It’s still cold out there but you can just feel that spring is coming. The days are getting longer and birds are singing. The seed packets have arrived and garden plans are in the works!

I’ll be starting some of my seeds indoors in the next few weeks – plants like tomatoes and peppers, okra and broccoli. These plants have a long growing season and would never produce fruit if started outdoors here in the north. They need the extra time to grow that starting indoors provides.

Other seeds like peas and lettuce, carrots and beans can be sown directly into the garden. While it’s not a necessity, pre-sprouting seeds is another way to give your plants a head start.Continue Reading

Can Fluorescent Shop Lights Be Used To Start Seeds?

Can Fluorescent Shop Lights be Used to Start Seeds?

Can Fluorescent Shop Lights Be Used To Start Seeds?

Seedlings require a lot of light; more are lost to lack of light than any other factor. Even a good south facing window will generally not be enough light in the spring to grow your seedlings. The sun doesn’t shine every day, and won’t provide direct light for enough hours in the day at that time of year. Sunlight contains the full spectrum of light which plants use for photosynthesis, and that’s the selling point of specialized, full spectrum light bulbs used for growing plants indoors.Continue Reading