June Garden

Here's what's going on in my June garden.

May and June traded places this year. May was dry and warm for the most part, and yet we couldn’t get our warm weather crops planted because we had occasional night-time freezing temperatures right up until the end of the month.

June has been on the cool side, especially the first half of the month, and has rained for at least a part of the day 4 or 5 days a week.

Neither month has made gardening easy. That’s not really different from any other year – they all have their challenges.

We live on about a quarter acre, and so we use all of our yard for gardening, including the front where we grow dwarf apple trees, raspberries, comfrey, squash, calendula, and spring bulbs.Continue Reading

How to Grow a Pumpkin Pie

HOW TO GROW A PUMPKIN PIE: Ask a kindergartener if it's possible to grow to a pumpkin pie, and they'll likely answer a resounding yes, especially after reading to them from the Scholastic Reader, Grow a Pumpkin Pie.

Ask a kindergartener if it’s possible to grow to a pumpkin pie.

I LOVE this age. They are old enough to understand, and young enough to still be magical in their thinking. And while they get that a pie won’t grow in the garden, they’ll still likely answer a resounding yes to your question.

Especially after reading to them from the Scholastic Reader, Grow a Pumpkin Pie.Continue Reading

July’s Garden

Sometimes you think there won’t be a garden. Winter wouldn’t end this year. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve planted and re-planted beans and cucumbers and carrots and chard because of those blasted critters. And then it happens . . . Horseradish - In the garden

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