DIY Tallow Soap for Laundry

Make your own tallow soap for laundry.

What is Tallow

You’ve heard of lard, the rendered fat of pig, but what about tallow? Tallow is derived from the fat of cows or sheep, and is rendered much the same way as lard.

Why Use Tallow for Soap Making

We purchase grass-fed beef, and it’s important to us that nothing be wasted, including the fat. Tallow is wonderful for cooking, soap making, and skin care. We have found that most homemade soaps made from vegetable oils melt away rather quickly. But soap made from tallow is hard and lasts a long time. That’s important when you’re trying to be frugal in this natural living journey. Soap made with all coconut oil is also quite hard, but I prefer to use an ingredient that I’ve obtained locally when possible.Continue Reading

DIY Bar Soap Gentle Enough For Babies

DIY Bar Soap Gentle Enough for Babies @learningandyearning

I didn’t meet our only grandchild until she was 4 years old, and she didn’t officially become our grandchild until she was 10, so I haven’t had the pleasure of a grand-baby. But now we have a brand new great-nephew to fuss over, so I wanted to come up with a gentle soap just for him, for times when soap is needed.Continue Reading

DIY Shampoo Bars

DIY Shampoo Bars @learningandyearning.comI’m sure you’ve heard of the no-poo method of shampooing – wash with baking soda and water, rinse with apple cider vinegar. I’ve heard that for some people it takes an adjustment period where their hair is greasy, but I tried it for a month and it worked perfectly, right from the start. But, oh, I admit it. I really missed suds.

I make my own soap, so I checked to see if Handmade Soap: Recipes for Crafting Soap at Home had any shampoo recipes and sure enough, they had a few for shampoo bars.Continue Reading