Still Learning

I learn so much from blogging. I learn by writing and researching, and also from the comments I receive. And I follow a large group of other bloggers and learn so much from them. I don’t want to keep all that good stuff to myself, so I thought I would do a post sharing some of what I’m reading this week.

Baden at Gaps Guide says “If I had to choose between shoes or food for my son, it would be food.” Her perspective is not a common one as far as I can see. What do you think? Do you agree?

Do you have trouble digesting grains? It seems like so many are struggling with wheat and other grains these days. And there are so many opinions on how to handle this problem. Paula at Whole Intentions breaks it down into steps and lets you decide. (Photo of bread by Paula).

We all know that extra virgin olive oil is healthy, but should we use it in cooking? Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist explains different types of fats and which are best for cooking.

I tried this recipe for Bacon Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken last night and it’s a keeper! I found it at Chef in Training. Rather than chicken breasts, I cut 2 small pastured chickens into parts, and used bacon from whey fed pork (all of which came from local farms). I made my own BBQ sauce using organic ketchup, mustard, maple syrup, molasses, onion powder and garlic powder. We had company and we all devoured this!

And in the “just for fun” category, here’s a great idea we plan to try. We’re having guests with children at our cottage next weekend and we’re sure to have a campfire going. And we’ll be making cupcakes inside of oranges and baking them in the coals. I won’t be using a cake mix; I’m planning on making relatively healthy, homemade brownies instead. I think the kids will love it!

What have YOU learned this week?


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