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Oh, man, I really hit the nail on the head with this one. The rhubarb is producing beautifully, and I’ve been trying to decide on some new ways to use it. Maybe because I was in the mood for ice cream, the idea just popped into my head. I mean, I had never heard of […]

Rhubarb Ice Cream

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A Foraged Feast Thu, 14 May 2015 11:02:52 +0000

    When I mention my love of foraging to people they generally think one of two things. That I’m dumpster diving for food. Although I’ve never actually been the one to pull the food out of the dumpster, I’d be lying if I said I never ate food from a dumpster. You know, when […]

A Foraged Feast

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Move Over Kale: Stinging Nettle Chips Mon, 11 May 2015 10:00:04 +0000

  Stinging nettle is one of those super plants that supposedly does it all. I can’t speak to all its benefits, but I do find stinging nettle helpful for seasonal allergies. So do others, apparently. The University of Maryland Medical Center has this to say about nettle: One preliminary human study suggested that nettle capsules helped […]

Move Over Kale: Stinging Nettle Chips

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15 Homemade Beauty Products (with Essential Oils) Mon, 04 May 2015 10:00:06 +0000

For me, clean eating came first. It took me a little longer to realize that what I put on my skin and hair has the potential to be just as harmful as what I put in my mouth. Finding natural products that work well hasn’t been super easy. Surprisingly, I prefer many homemade recipes to store-bought, and […]

15 Homemade Beauty Products (with Essential Oils)

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Dandelion Pesto Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:49:33 +0000

Pesto. Too delicious for words, right? And although serving it on pasta is still my favorite way to eat it, I enjoy it on potatoes, pizza, sandwiches, and as a dip. When you think pesto, do you think basil? Yes, basil is traditional, but pesto can be made with just about any herb, with garlic […]

Dandelion Pesto

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Make Your Own Tinted Lip Gloss Mon, 20 Apr 2015 12:39:04 +0000

  Once in a while I get this urge to get my craft on. Ya’ know what I mean? But I don’t need cutesy stuff for my house, and I’m not so much into knitting and crocheting ’cause I ain’t no good at it. But making tinted lip gloss and hard lotion bars, yeah, that […]

Make Your Own Tinted Lip Gloss

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Using Wood Chips in a Vegetable Garden Mon, 13 Apr 2015 00:36:02 +0000

Four or five years ago, we had to have a tree in our yard cut down. We asked the arborist to chip the smaller branches, and we used those chips to mulch the paths in our raised bed garden. A year later, we discovered the documentary, Back to Eden, about Paul Gautschi and his method […]

Using Wood Chips in a Vegetable Garden

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10 Ways to Reduce the Need for Irrigation in Your Vegetable Garden Tue, 07 Apr 2015 00:03:26 +0000

Did you know that you can train your plants, and reduce the need for irrigation in your garden? It’s not a matter of the plants needing less water, but a matter of conserving the water they are given by reducing evaporation, retaining water, and watering in a way that encourages their roots to go deep. I […]

10 Ways to Reduce the Need for Irrigation in Your Vegetable Garden

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How to Make Crabapple Jelly Mon, 06 Apr 2015 10:00:44 +0000

Do you remember when, in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Farmer Boy, Almanzo’s parents went away for a week and left the children at home to look after the farm? Mother kept a barrel of store-bought sugar in the pantry which was to last the year. One of her instructions to them while she was away? Don’t eat […]

How to Make Crabapple Jelly

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How to Grow a Pumpkin Pie Mon, 30 Mar 2015 10:00:01 +0000

Ask a kindergartener if it’s possible to grow to a pumpkin pie. I LOVE this age. They are old enough to understand, and young enough to still be magical in their thinking. And while they get that a pie won’t grow in the garden, they’ll still likely answer a resounding yes to your question. Especially after […]

How to Grow a Pumpkin Pie

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Backyard Maple Sugaring Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:00:25 +0000

It’s as though our yard knew just what we’d need before we ever moved in. Space for a garden. Two black maple trees to tap. And a big ole fireplace for boiling down the sap. Sugar maples have the most sugar content, and our black maples come in second. But any maple will do. Or black walnut […]

Backyard Maple Sugaring

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20 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow From Seed Wed, 11 Mar 2015 18:28:57 +0000

Have you been dreaming of getting your garden started? Me, too. You’ve spent the winter with your nose in those seed catalogs, and you’ve probably placed an order or two (or three). Do those dreams include an apothecary in your backyard? You know, a place where you can grow healing herbs to dry and store. To use […]

20 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow From Seed

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