Rhubarb Ice Cream

Looking for a new way to use rhubarb? You'll be delighted with homemade rhubarb ice cream!

Oh, man, I really hit the nail on the head with this one.

The rhubarb is producing beautifully, and I’ve been trying to decide on some new ways to use it. Maybe because I was in the mood for ice cream, the idea just popped into my head. I mean, I had never heard of rhubarb ice cream, and then there I was attempting to make it.

The ingredients couldn’t be simpler – rhubarb, organic sugar, raw cream. And just a dash of sea salt.

There was a hint of tart, just the right amount of sweet, and all that glorious creaminess. I’m all about the creaminess, guys.Continue Reading

Move Over Kale: Stinging Nettle Chips


Move over kale. Make room for stinging nettle chips!!!

Stinging nettle is one of those super plants that supposedly does it all. I can’t speak to all its benefits, but I do find stinging nettle helpful for seasonal allergies. So do others, apparently.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has this to say about nettle:

One preliminary human study suggested that nettle capsules helped reduce sneezing and itching in people with hay fever. Researchers think that may be due to nettle’s ability to reduce the amount of histamine the body produces in response to an allergen.

I’ve been drinking nettle tea in the morning, but ya know, I’m a coffee kinda’ girl. I’ve been thinking I’d like to chew my nettle.Continue Reading

How to Make Crabapple Jelly

Crabapple jelly is one of the easiest to make; no pectin is required because the crabapples themselves have plenty of their own!

Do you remember when, in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Farmer Boy, Almanzo’s parents went away for a week and left the children at home to look after the farm? Mother kept a barrel of store-bought sugar in the pantry which was to last the year. One of her instructions to them while she was away? Don’t eat all the sugar!Continue Reading

Supercharge Your Elderberry Syrup

Supercharge Your Elderberry Syrup with foraged plants to boost immune building properties.

You know I’m a big fan of elderberries. We’ve talked about them in the past. And they grow wild here in NEPA, so that’s a huge plus. But, even if they don’t grow in your area, you can purchase them dried pretty reasonably right here.

Elderberry Syrup is well known for it’s ability to boost the immune system and to fight coughs, colds, and flu. I make it regularly and Mike and I take a tablespoon (or so) of it most every day. Many recipes simmer the berries with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and ginger to add additional cold-fighting properties and make it taste even more yummy. These are fantastic and I always add them as well.

Supercharge Your Elderberry Syrup

I love to forage and I’ve begun to wonder what other wild-foraged treasures could be added to my elderberry syrup to make it even more powerful – to supercharge it so to speak! While most of my additions may be foraged, they can also be purchased dried if they are not available in your area.Continue Reading