Thump Your Thymus

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Thymus Thump

Yep, you heard me right. Your thymus is a small gland located in front of your heart and behind your sternum.  One of the functions of the thymus is to process and mature T cells, the immune system’s main warriors. Thumping, or tapping, your thymus gland stimulates your immune system, giving it a boost. To find your thymus, locate your collar bone and position your finger on its end, near the hollow at the center of your neck.

Keeping your finger just to the left of your sternum, slide your finger down to the spot just below your second upper rib. This is the area where you will tap.  Bunch your fingertips together, or just use the flat of your hand.

Thump in this area for 30 – 60 seconds at least twice, or better yet, three times a day. I have been doing this for many years now and it really works! If I am around someone who is sick, or if I feel a cold coming on, I thump my thymus more frequently.  I can almost always ward off that cold.  Give it a try, and let me know how it’s working for you.

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    • says

      I will talk to my nutritionist about this and get back to you. But, my experience with pressure points is that a sore point is a spot that definitely needs work. Of course, be gentle at first until you get used to it.

      • says

        tarynblake71, I saw my nutritionist today and discussed your question. She mentioned that if you had inflammation in the area, perhaps from an injury, that the area would be sore. But it is more likely that your immune system is compromised, or you are under a lot of stress. You may need to begin by just gently massaging the area until the soreness goes away, and then move on to gentle tapping.

  1. greg says

    Thump your thymus in the morning
    Thump your thymus at noon
    Thump your thymus in the evening
    Thump your thymus with a spoon

  2. Sharon says

    One of my old chiropractors always did this to his children, and recommended it to his patients :-) He said the same things you did in your article, so it was nice to see the reminder.

  3. says

    I have been an avid EFT follower for a couple years now, and I love the book Energy Medicine that has many other amazing thumps and cross-crawls to help your body work more effectively!

  4. says

    My dear Suzy, I’ve been thymus thumping for many years, using and recommending this practice. Yesterday while in the deep jungle, far away from medical help etc. I chopped off the tip of my ring finger. Of course I lost it for a while, but was quickly guided by spirit to reattach the part and to apply energy. All I did is thump, thump, thump on my sternum. The pain ceased immediately, then one of my friends applied reiki energy while I continued to thump.. Walla it worked… The pain and bleeding stopped. It is now past 24 hours.. my night sleep was uneventful… At the first dressing, the finger tip has mended and in place….Thanks to the use of healing energies…Good Medicine

  5. Tracy says

    Thank you for posting this reminder. I first heard of Thymus Tapping about 10 years ago at a massage therapy conference. The speaker suggested that you spoke to your thymus while tapping it to encourage it to release healing cells to the areas that needed it as well as general health. It always worked for me in the past but haven’t practiced it recently. However, my four year old son and I just experienced serious burns on our legs and my first thought was to talk to my thymus as well as his to stimulate pain relief and healing. Wish us luck! :)

  6. Katy says

    That area is super tender. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis, have had a cough for almost a month, and very stressed. Do those things correlate?


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