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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is coming soon, and you can get it for FREE. All you need to do is get 10 friends to sign up for email notifications about the bundle!!! WooHooo! How simple is that!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is coming soon! It contains dozens of quality eBooks, several eCourses, and more than $200 in physical bonuses from companies you know and trust!

The bundle will sell for $29.97, but there’s a super simple way that you can earn it for free. Really! We want the word about the bundle to spread far and wide and we need your help. So we created a Refer-a-Friend program.Continue Reading

Savor the Taste of Summer Giveaway

Savor the Taste of Summer Giveaway!

Savor the Taste of Summer

Blogger Challenge & $100 Cash Giveaway!

Summer is here! What better way to celebrate delicious and nutritious summer food than by participating in our Savor the Taste of Summer Blogger Challenge and Cash Giveaway! I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers to feature their very best summer-inspired articles and recipes showcasing summer, in-season food. Vote for your favorite post from those displayed below and be entered to win $100 cash!! Just follow the instructions and one lucky winner will be drawn on July 5th.Continue Reading

Organic Fertilizer Giveaway

Enter now to win 2 quarts of organic fertilizer . . . so you can garden like a pro!

I’m really excited about this week’s giveaway. Not only am I giving away 2 quarts of organic fertilizer (compliments of Smiling Gardener) but I’m teaming up with 16 other bloggers to give you the opportunity to win all kinds of great books and items for your home and garden. You have to enter each individual giveaway for a chance to win that item.Continue Reading

Big Berkey Water Purifier Giveaway

Giveaway for a Big Berkey Water Purifier | Homestead Honey5/30/14 UPDATE: This giveaway has been upgraded to an Imperial Berkey and with a pf2 fluoride filter! 

The Big Berkey is a 2.25 gallon water purifier, which makes it perfect for small- to medium-sized families, or outdoor activities. Its filtration system is so powerful that it removes viruses, pathogenic bacteria, pesticides, and much more, without stripping the water of beneficial minerals.Continue Reading